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Panels & Rugs

A Persian Rug Large 234 x 78" tile
Persian Rug Long-Gold  120 x 42"
A Persian Rug Small Red 72 x 42" tile
Our lovely small Persian Rug
A North Arrow 40" tile
Large North Arrow  60" dia.
A Rug Medallion Brown Panel 54x54"
Fallen Leaf Mauve Panel 50x69"
Fallen Leaf Green Panel 50x69" tile
Loggia Rug #1  51" x 75"
Loggia Rug #2
DR Aquarius Panel 24x40" tile
DR Feliz Panel 30x42" tile
DR Feliz Demi Panel 18x30" tile
Robbia Rug 48 x 60"
Sheffield Garden Panel 40x72" tile
Tree of Life Cordoba Panel  42 x 78"
p Tree of Life MCK Panel 36x54"
Tree of Life Saracen Panel 24x48"
Peacock Blue Panel 24x48" tile
Peacock panel inspired by an historic design from Malibu Pottery (c.1926-1932)
Ginger Jar mural 20x20" tile
Belle Jardin Panel 24x32" satin
Rosa Vieja Brown Panel  12x48" tile
Rosa Vieja Red Panel  12x48"
Rosa Vieja Blue Panel  12x48" tile
Rosa Vieja Ochre Panel  12x48"
Butler Pantry Mural  40x24" tile
Phoenix Border Panel 12x36"
DR Fish Panel  36x12" tile
Phoenix Panel 108x30" tile
Spanish Deco Half Panel 72x54" tile
Spanish Deco Panel  72x108" tile
Spanish Fiesta Half Panel 24x45"
Spanish Fiesta Full Panel 48x45"
X Backgammon Set Blue 12x16" tile
X Backgammon Set Olive 12x16" tile
X Backgammon Set Cream 12x16" tile
Sea Breeze Panel 10.5 x 2.5'